In the 21st Century, coaches are expected to be responsible for more than X’s and O’s. At any competitive level, a coach must be knowledgeable about coaching styles and behaviors, proper training methods, successful teaching techniques, relevant legal issues, budgeting, fundraising, and motivating athletes.

Pursuing an advanced degree is one effective avenue to enhance a coach’s leadership skills and knowledge while increasing marketability in a highly competitive field.

The online MS in Coaching at Adams State University is a 36-credit program that offers a wide range of courses and practical experiences in order to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to become a more highly qualified coach. All courses are offered online which allows for greater flexibility and optimum convenience for students who hold full-time careers or cannot relocate.

Students can complete the program in two years which includes all coursework. The Master of Arts in Coaching at Adams State is the least expensive of any other fully online master’s degree in the US.

Coaching Course Rotation

By following this sequence of courses, a student can complete this Master of Arts in 4 semesters and 2 full summer terms. If a student falls out of this sequence then  additional terms may be needed to complete the degree.

Fall 1

KIN 503: Introduction to Research
KIN 536: Sport & Exercise Psychology

Spring 1

KIN 504: Methods of Coaching
KIN 538: Social Aspects of Sport & Physical Education

Summer 1

KIN 543: Statistics in Kinesiology
KIN 509: Concepts in Exercise Science

Fall 2

KIN 556: Strategic Management & Leadership in Sport
KIN 585: Practicum in Kinesiology

Spring 2

KIN 539: Strength & Conditioning
500-level Elective

Summer 2

KIN 596 Field Based Research
KIN 527: Sport Law

Total units in MA= 36

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