East Campus currently contains four smart classrooms, with a capacity to accommodate 160 students. The facility includes a Human Performance lab, large multipurpose room, an Exercise Physiology lab, a Pedagogy lab, a Biomechanics lab and a Strength and Conditioning lab.

Human Performance Laboratory

Dr Robinson in the HPPE Lab working with a student.The new Human Performance Lab in East Campus at Adams State University was opened in the spring of 2013. This facility includes the Parvo Medics 2400 metabolic cart, YSI Sports Lactate Analyzer, Quinton treadmill, FitnessAge fitness assessment computer, and other lab-related equipment.

State of the art body composition testing is also available with the underwater weighing system, which is considered the most accurate way to determine body composition.

The facility allows room for 20 students to participate in laboratory activities, used in several courses in the Kinesiology major.

Human Performance Lab Equipment

  • Two treadmills
  • Three Monark exercise bikes
  • One Wingate bicycle ergometer
  • Metobolic cart for VO2max testing
  • Three computer workstations
  • Equipment for other fitness and athletic testing.

The Human Performance Lab is used to test student-athletes in various ways, and thus, can be useful in tracking athletic performance and body composition changes over time (e.g., different training seasons). Students in certain undergraduate and graduate Kinesiology courses are able to get “hands on” experiences in their field of study; students are both “subjects” and testers as they learn various testing methods.

Types of Testing

  • VO2max testing for aerobic fitness
  • Body composition testing
  • Fitness Age testing
  • Wingate anaerobic fitness testing
  • Jump testing for power
  • Blood lactate testing

Dr. Tracey L. Robinson, Associate Professor of Human Performance and Physical Education (Kinesiology), is the director of the Human Performance Lab. She has been teaching and researching at Adams State University for Students preforming tests in the Performance Lab20 years. Dr. Robinson has a B.S. in Human Kinetics (University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada), a M.S. in Physical Education and Biology (New Mexico State University), and a Ph.D. in Human Performance (Oregon State University).

Each semester, Dr. Robinson has graduate students assist in the lab. Undergraduate and graduate Kinesiology majors also have the opportunity to help with research and do practicum courses alongside Dr. Robinson in the Human Performance Lab.