Facilities Management can assist with indoor and outdoor carpentry needs on campus. Projects need to have the proper approval.


Facilities Management oversees HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems throughout campus to ensure the comfort of occupants and meet sustainability goals.

  • 97 hot water boilers on campus
  • 7 steam boilers
  • 46 air handling units
  • 5 makeup air units
  • 5 roof top units
  • 2 intellipacs
  • 1 evaporative recovery unit


Maintain all the indoor and outdoor lighting on campus. Our goals are to identify and correct areas needing lighting enhancements and to respond to the need for repairs promptly.


Maintenance, repairs, and re-keying of doors and specialty locks. Without proper authorization, no keys will be issued.

If I am leaving my position, can I give my keys to my replacement?

No! You are responsible for the keys issued to you and you must return those keys upon your departure.


Plumbing/Pipe Fitting

Inspects, installs, tests, maintains, and repairs back-flow prevention systems, storm drainage systems, sanitary sewer systems, building plumbing systems (restrooms, custodial closets, drinking fountains, water bottle fill stations, kitchens), and laboratory plumbing systems (not including specialty laboratory equipment).

Structural Trades also serves as first responders for all water leaks.


Facilities Management is available to inspect, maintain, and patch roofs, as well as address questions and concerns.