The Art Department curriculum is designed to prepare students for careers as professional artists, designers, and art educators. All students taking art classes, both majors and non-majors, are challenged to think and solve problems creatively, to develop their ability to communicate through visual, oral and written languages, and to understand the role of the visual arts in multiple cultures and its relationship to past and present theory. A major in art may also be attractive to students who do not know precisely which career they wish to pursue after graduation. A well-rounded liberal arts program provides many opportunities for students able to benefit from a small department devoted to the development of the individual and to academic excellence.

2022-2023 Degrees

Program Department Faculty

Program Chair

  • Eugene Schilling, M.F.A. (interim)


  • Eugene Schilling, M.F.A.

Assistant Professors

  • Bill Tite, M.F.A.

Visiting Assistant Professors

  • Annaliesa Simone Connor-Meissner, M.A.
  • Anthony P. Guntren, M.F.A.

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