The Department of Sociology blends the academic with the practical. Students are instructed in the major sociological theories underlying social life and society and are provided opportunities to apply this knowledge hands-on in the community. The Sociology Department is committed to preparing students for careers in human services and criminal justice, as well as for admission to graduate programs in sociology, social work, and criminology. Sociology majors complete 49 credit hours of sociology courses and select at least one emphasis area either in criminology or social welfare.

In addition, students complete one or more semester-long internships in a community agency specializing either in human services or criminal justice. The internships are designed to provide marketable skills and experiences that enhance employment and graduate school possibilities. Sociology graduates are employed in a variety of work settings; a sampling of job titles includes Colorado state trooper, child protective services caseworker, family preservation specialist, probation officer, local law enforcement officer, corrections counselor, social services coordinator for the elderly, administrative liaison for children and families, forensic social worker, community corrections officer, caseworker for troubled youth, and victim’s advocate.

2020-2021 Degrees

Department Faculty


  • Stephanie Hilwig, Ph.D.


  • Stephanie Hilwig, Ph.D.
  • Grace Young, Ph.D.

Assistant Professors

  • Nancy Gonzales, Ph.D.
  • Michael Stewart, Ph.D.


Rebecca Rodriguez, M.A.

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