Educator Preparation

The Educator Preparation Department of Adams State University is dedicated to inspiring and empowering the cultivation of educational leaders who embrace diversity, facilitate change, and contribute to the learning and inclusion of all students, particularly in rural regions.

The Department of Educator Preparation is authorized by the Colorado State Board of Education to provide licensure and endorsement programs. All M.A. degree-seeking candidates must successfully complete a capstone project (CAP) in order to meet requirements for the degree.

2022-2023 Degrees

Program Department Faculty

Program Coordinator

  • Curtis Garcia, Ph.D.


  • Joaquin Vilá, Ph.D.

Assistant Professors

  • Curtis Garcia, Ph.D.
  • Bev DeVore-Wedding, Ph.D.
  • Michele Mann, Ph.D.
  • Kieran Nduagbo, Ph.D.

Adjunct Instructors

  • Emma Rae Martinez, Ed.D.
  • Rocco Fuschetto, Ed.D.
  • Curt Wilson, M.A.
  • Rena Frasco, Ed.D.
  • Claire McMahan, M.A.
  • Chrissy McKinney, M.A.
  • Kimba Rael, M.A.

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