The Adams State University Teacher Education Department is seeking applications for outstanding educators for the ASU Educators Hall of Fame. Nominations for 2019 are due on or before December 7, 2018.

Because of Adams State’s strong history in preparing and contributing to the success of education professionals, the ASU Educators Hall of Fame recognizes educators at any level who made a significant contribution to the education field by demonstrating expertise and high moral character. The four categories include Elementary Educator, Secondary Educator, Post-Secondary Educator and Administration.

Nominees must have a minimum of 10 years in the educational field. The nominee does not have to be a graduate of Adams State but must demonstrate minimum service to the institution. This honor can be awarded posthumously and the educator does not have to be present for the award ceremony to be considered.

For an application visit Teacher Education Hall of Fame. For more information, please contact the Adams State Teacher Education Department at 719-587-7503.