The student enrollment at Adams State University continues to be paced by strong growth in graduate programs offset by fewer students seeking bachelor’s degrees. For the fall semester 2020, Adams State’s total student enrollment was 3,039 compared to 3,055 a year ago.

“We are extremely pleased with the growing number of students we are serving at the graduate degree level, and we believe our undergraduate student enrollment mirrors what other universities across the state and country are experiencing,” said Adams State President Cheryl D. Lovell.

“Like all universities, the COVID-19 pandemic has created a challenging set of circumstances to enroll undergraduate students. We know our undergraduate students value the in-person, on-campus classroom experience and we are committed to making sure Adams State provides that rich, healthy college campus experience for our undergraduate students.” She goes on to note, “Given the global pandemic and uncertainties around COVID-19, to be so close to last year’s numbers is a great position for Adams State.”

Adams State’s graduate enrollment grew by 9 percent with a fall enrollment of 1,255 students, while the University’s undergraduate enrollment fell 6 percent to 1,784 students in the fall semester. Adams State’s fall undergraduate numbers reflect a growing trend of more high school students taking college courses for credit through Adams State’s concurrent enrollment programs as well as a consistent number of female undergraduate students.

Adams State’s enrollment of first-generation students at the undergraduate level is another important aspect of the University’s population. Nearly 100 more students identified as first-generation college students than a year ago. The University also maintained its on-campus resident population with 800 students living in residential dorms on campus this fall, comparable to a year ago.

The growth in graduate-degree-seeking students is reflective of Adams State’s strong counselor education and teacher education programs. Adams State’s MBA and its advanced degrees in music education and kinesiology are other key master’s degrees sought by professionals.

“Our graduate degree programs continue to receive high rankings and we believe we will continue to see ongoing growth in our master’s degree programs and our doctorate in counselor education as working professionals seek job advancement and higher salaries,” said President Lovell.

Adams State will offer Free Application Day on Oct. 13 to all students seeking to pursue a bachelor’s degree or two-year associate’s degree. To help attract a growing number of students from the San Luis Valley and neighboring southern Colorado counties, Adams State provides the SLV Promise financial assistance award to qualified students which covers tuition and fees.

A full 2020 student census report is available here Institutional Effectiveness.