Freshman Year

Starting to explore majors and careers

  • Take general education and classes that interest you
  • Look through the college catalog
  • Talk to career services, faculty, staff, and people who are familiar with your potential field of study

Getting involved

  • Start building your resume by getting involved on your campus or community (clubs, organizations, work-study, athletics, etc.)

Getting to know yourself

  • Take the time to take classes that sound interesting
  • Start to discover your individual dislikes, likes, and goals through activities and involvement
  • Take advantage of the free personality and interest assessments that career services offers

Sophomore Year

Getting involved on campus

  • Further your involvement

Deciding on your major and career targets

  • Research professions that you may be interested in, and what majors may be a good fit
  • Visit career services for resources in exploring career options

Preparing to apply for internships and jobs

  • Prepare your resume and cover letter, and making sure that you are comfortable and effective in the interviewing process.
  • Participating in campus career events; such as job fairs and workshops, and online services, including on-campus job recruiting activities for internships and full-time jobs

Junior Year

Getting serious about work experience

  • Have various people look over your resume and offer feedback
  • Seek internships and co-ops
  • Prepare your application materials
  • Build work experience that will make a difference at graduation time

Senior Year

Putting it all together

  • Package your educational expertise, work and internship experience, and leadership qualities that you’ve been developing during your schooling
  • Polish application materials (resume, cover letter, references) and interview skills Implementing your job search Plan and implement an effective job search strategy using a variety of tools: job fairs, targeted approaches to desired employers, networking with professionals in your field, smart use of online resources, etc.