Purpose Statement

Adams State graduateAdams State University’s driving purpose is to provide equitable access to education for all. We promote successful and engaged lives by caring for, connecting with, and challenging our students, campus, and community. As Colorado’s premier Hispanic Serving Institution, Adams State University draws on its rural location in the San Luis Valley, to serve and empower all students, especially those from historically underserved populations.

Vision Statement

To become the university community of choice for diverse, historically underserved groups, and for all who value quality education and inclusivity.


As members of the Adams State University community, we value

Adams State Graduates

  • The ability of education to positively change our students’ lives, regardless of background or location
  • Teaching and learning strategies to engage our students, and help them apply their learning to life
  • A campus community that embraces its’ diverse members, and which wants to grow through exposure to the diversity around them.
  • A community that strives to exemplify trust, respect and civility in our interactions with all campus members
  • Students who want to engage their professors in meaningful ongoing intellectual discussion and activities.
  • Development of lasting personal relationships between students, faculty and staff
  • Embracing innovative ideas and bringing them to fruition through collaboration across the campus community
  • Responsible use of our human, natural, and fiscal resources to support educational opportunities for all
  • Faculty and students who engage in scholarship, research, and creative work throughout their Adams Experience
  • Academic Programs that push students to experience and apply learning in ways they did not think possible
  • Collaboration, on and off campus, that is interdisciplinary and intersectional
  • Students, faculty and staff who continuously strive to develop and apply new skills
  • A campus community that seeks to continuously improve everything we do
  • A curriculum that engenders personal and professional accomplishments beyond academic career
  • Quality of life for students and professionals