First Year Seminar (FYS) serves as the launching point into your college journey and the Adams Experience.  Students will choose a FYS course theme of their choice and engage in a unique seminar that will grow their academic skills and interests.  FYS courses will encourage students to explore issues that matter to them, consider big questions, engage and share ideas, challenge assumptions, and grow into successful students.  The FYS program will impact student’s knowledge, skills, and confidence as they begin their college journey through the Adams Experience.

Program Highlights

The purpose of the FYS program is to provide students with a positive and supportive transition into the Adams State University community and equip them with academic and social capital to create meaningful experiences, persistence through their academic programs, and overall success in college.

The vision of the FYS program is focused on teaching first year student practical skills in critical thinking, research processes, time management, communication, self-efficacy, collaboration, lifelong learning, and strategies for success in their college experience and post-college life.



Jess GagliardiJess Gagliardi, Ed.S.
Director of First Year Seminars




Deanna BarteeDeanna Bartee, EdD
HIPs Coordinator
School of Business




Teacher Education Professor Chrissy McKinneyChrissy McKinny, M.Ed.
Teacher Education



Curtis Howell, First Year Seminar InstructorCurt Howell, M.Ed.




Melissa Milner is the Director of Nursing Education ProgramMelissa Milner, DNP
Chair and Professor of Nursing




Kimberly Chacon Visiting Assistant ProfessorKim Chacon, MS, RN



Daniel Reinemer-Gibson, Ph.D.

Maria Martinez, Visiting Instructor Human Performance & Phys EdMaria Martinez, MA




Melinda LeoceMelinda Leoce, ABD




David GerkeDavid Gerka, MFA




Dr Matthew Nehring Interim Vice President for Academic AffairsMatt Nehring, Ph.D.
Director of the STEM School




Chayan LahiriChayan Lahiri, Ph.D.




Trevor Turner Trevor Turner, MA
Director of Academic Advising
FYS Academic Recovery