students, faculty and Adams State President at the Sand Dunes

Through The Adams Experience, you will create connections for success in academics and life. Through experiences both in and outside of the classroom, you will develop a network of supportive faculty, staff, peers, and community members.

Here’s How We Will Work To Make That Happen

By Celebrating Diversity

We celebrate each of our students as the unique individual that they are.

By Honoring Equity

We honor our students’ diversities by advocating for and partnering with them to recognize barriers to their success and devise strategies to overcome them.

By Nurturing Inclusivity

We strive to nurture a culture where students feel welcomed, affirmed, and encouraged to bring their whole selves into every aspect of their experiences.

By Engaging in High-Impact Practices

High-Impact Practices (HIPs) are intentional practices such as providing frequent, timely, and constructive feedback as well as through programmatic practices such as First-Year Experiences/Seminars, ePortfolios, Writing-Intensive and Capstone Courses.

By Ensuring Learning Happens Beyond the Classroom

To ensure our students’ education empowers them long after graduation, we provide opportunities for them to explore and practice what they are learning outside of the classroom. Internships are just one example of this.