Celebrating Diversity at Adams State

adams state graduateAdams State’s mission is to educate, serve, and inspire our diverse populations in the pursuit of their lifelong dreams and ambitions. We aim to become the university community of choice for diverse, historically underserved groups, and all who value quality education and inclusivity.  We value opportunity and access for all, growth through inclusion of diverse cultures and ideas, and providing a community of learning engrained in trust, respect, and civility.

The Equity Board

The Equity Board leads and supports actions that transform Adams State into a model for inclusive excellence by promoting equity, cultural responsiveness, diversity, and community engagement.


El Centro C.A.S.A. en la Universidad Estatal Adams

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Meet Christina Cisneros

As Colorado’s premier Hispanic-Serving Institution, the C.A.S.A. Center enriches and honors our Latino/a community, identity and heritage. The C.A.S.A. Center fosters an environment that promotes learning, celebrates cultures, and develops leadership and student success with a global perspective.

Como la principal institución sirvendo a la poblacion hispana de Colorado, el Centro C.A.S.A. enriquece y honra nuestra comunidad, identidad y herencia Latina. El Centro C.A.S.A. fomenta un ambiente que estimula el aprendizaje, facilita el liderazgo y promueve tanto las diferencias culturales como los exitos estudiantiles con una prespectiva global.

  • Centro de Conocimiento Cultural para el Éxito Estudiantil (C.A.S.A.) – por sus siglas en Ingles.
  • Promoviendo diversidad en la Universidad Estatal Adams
  • Bienvenidos a nuestro C.A.S.A. Center

Multicultural student governanceMulticultural Student Governance

This is a student organization that aims to promote a safe, diverse and inclusive campus in order to reduce the impact of inequality that affects individuals.

  • We embrace culture and learning
  • We accept what is unique to the individual
  • We offer resources for the marginalized through support and collaboration
  • We support individuals to freely express oneself without the fear of being ridiculed
  • We support cultural organizations through means of team development, collaboration, marketing, funding and various other means

For more information, to collaborate on an event, or to reserve the Center for Inclusivity for your next meeting contact us.

Spiritual and Religious Life

There are a variety of paths available if you are seeking a spiritual home or touchstone while at Adams State. United Campus Ministry can guide you in finding a good fit whether on campus, within Alamosa or in a neighboring town. Nearby Crestone, CO is a unique place where 25+ spiritual centers exist in close proximity. Here you will find a Hindu ashram, several Buddhist centers, a Catholic monastery, Japanese Shumeii, among others. There are Jewish and Muslim kindred spirits willing to connect with interested students. Don’t miss the Crestone experience while at Adams State! Spiritual and Religious Life offers training opportunities on interfaith and world-view.  Contact us to learn more!

Spiritual Connections