Many of our undergraduate programs offer students first-hand experience in conducting research. In these programs, you will have access to research experiences in and out of the classroom. We embed research into our courses: including methods, testing and assessment and statistics. We also have opportunities for independent research and a two semester research capstone that students can select as one of two options for their final culminating experience as undergraduates.

Benefits of Research

  • Learning a topic in depth and help clarify career goals
  • Gaining skills that employers value
  • Building relationships with faculty mentors
  • Developing self-confidence
  • Gaining research experience to become more marketable to graduate schools
  • Improving oral and written skills
  • Contributing to new knowledge

Student pointing to global warming researchHow to Engage in Undergraduate Research

  • Visit with your professors outside of class
  • Ask your professors about research opportunities
  • Talk about your ideas to your professors
  • Ask about funding opportunities
  • Present your research at Adams State’s Student Scholar Days or other professional conferences

Communicating Novel Research

  • An important aspect of research is communicating results
  • Students can submit research papers on their novel research to be published in peer reviewed journals
  • Students can present their research at Adams State’s Student Scholar Days in addition to regional and national conferences

Student Presentations on Original Research

Other Undergraduate Research Opportunities

What are CUREs?

  • Research embedded in a course
  • Students work collaboratively using methodology of the discipline
  • All students engage in the research
  • Outcomes of research are unknown
  • Students communicate outcomes
  • CUREs can be short modules to the full semester projects

More Information

More information about undergraduate research including funding opportunities can be found at the Council for Undergraduate Research.