At Adams State, we are working toward the day when a high-impact internship is accessible for every student and a key part of an Adams State education.

What is an internship and why do I need one?

An internship is a temporary work experience that develops new skills and reinforces classroom learning through real-world applications that promote career readiness and lifelong learning.
Work Experience is an increasingly vital element for a pathway into your future career and is something employers will look for on your resume. A great way to gain this work experience is
through an internship!

Internships can vary. They might be course-based or non course-based, paid or unpaid. There are semester-long internships as well as shorter-term “micro” internships. Some are in person and location specific, and others can be done remotely. Find a good fit for you that offers the skill development you seek.

Why participate in an internship?

  • Demonstrate your employability
  • Explore your interests and refine your career path
  • Develop personal and professional skills and competencies
  • Expand your professional network

What characteristics make a strong internship?

An intern stands next to an American flag and a plaque that says "Representative Raul M. Grijalva, Arizona 1511" with a pennant that says "ASU Adams State University."

  • Opportunity to practice theories learned in the classroom
  • Skills learned are transferable
  • A defined beginning and end
  • Detailed job description
  • Professional feedback and supervision
  • Reflective activities built into the experience
  • Related to career goals, coursework, and Adams State learning outcomes. (credit-bearing)
  • Faculty member provides additional supervision (credit-bearing)

How do I find an internship?

  • Register for an internship course at Adams State.
  • Let faculty in your department or program know of your interest.
  • Reach out to an employer, community leader, or another professional and inquire about internship availability. Many students find their internships in this way.
  • Contact Adams State Career Services to learn of internships they know about.
  • Sign up on Handshake and explore internship opportunities.