Adams State University
Board of Trustees Resolution

The Board of Trustees Resolves That it

  1. Affirms its mission and commitment to all students;
  2. Continues to publicly support the continuation of the DACA program and the Colorado Advancing Students for a Stronger Economy Tomorrow (ASSET) Program;
  3. Maintains compliance with all Federal laws;
  4. Stimulates intellectual, academic and scholarly activities that promote the mitigation of hatred and prevent the persecution of difference;
  5. Pledges leadership to other institutions to promote a safe environment for all students;
  6. Studies and facilitates critical discourse about community, state and national sanctuary efforts;
  7. Protects all students to the fullest extent possible, by
    a. Directing that the Office of the President be immediately notified about all requests for immigration related information by US Immigration Enforcement (ICE), Customs and Border Patrol (CBP), US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), or any other agency.
    b. Vigorously evaluating requests for information from ICE, CBP, USCIS, or other agencies and refraining from information sharing not required by law.
    c. Continuing to comply with all Family Education Rights Privacy Act (FERPA) regulations, which includes the vigilant safeguarding of our students’ personal information.
  8. Refrains from the development, implementation and enforcement of policies that could result in the deportation of any student, faculty member, or staff member without proper legal representation, due process, and fair and impartial judicial hearings;
  9. Recognizes the role of ASU’s police in protecting the safety of all students and cooperating with law enforcement agencies as needed, noting that enforcement of immigration laws is outside the scope of campus police jurisdiction;
  10. Prohibits housing discrimination based on immigration status;
  11. Supports undocumented and DACA students’ equal access to in-state tuition as per Colorado law and to institutional financial aid and scholarships, and further supports the ability of qualified immigrant students to enroll and sustain their attendance by leveraging institutional funds and scholarships, and by allowing eligible immigrant students to pay the in-state tuition rate or access institutional financial aid and scholarships on equal footing with other students;
  12. Opposes state and federal government plans mandating a registry for individuals based on their nationality, religious belief, or other criteria;
  13. Continues to promote the values of:
    • Opportunity and access for all
    • Excellence in teaching and learning
    • Growth through inclusion of diverse cultures and ideas
    • A learning and civic community of trust, respect, and civility
    • Caring and personal relationships
    • Innovation, integrity, and ethical leadership
    • Responsible stewardship
  14. And stands unified against divisive forces that would undermine the Core Purpose of Adams State and the educational aspirations of our diverse student body.