Paid Internships

Check out what our students are doing in their internship roles paid through the Title III STEM Grant

Student Interns

Placement in industry or faculty labs for applied work experience 10-15 per week fall, spring, and summer semesters @ $15/hr.

Funded by Title III El Centro Sierra Blanca HSI STEM Grant
Department of Education Award # PO31C210066

Forage Virtual Work Experience/Job Simulations


Forage offers virtual job simulations in a variety of career areas and with national and global companies.  Virtual work experience programs replicate work at top companies and help you gain the skills to be successful when applying and working there, or other related companies.  Learn the relevant tools necessary to complete a typical work day at that company.  These virtual work experience programs are 100% free, open-access, and self-paced, with most of them taking approximately 3-6 hours.  No experience or application is required!  Forage virtual work experiences allow the participating companies to show you what working at their company is really like, and it enables them to reach amazing and diverse students they wouldn’t have been able to meet without going on-campus.  They also add experiences to your resume.  These experiences are open to all Adam State STEM students.

To access a virtual job simulation, visit:

Adam State’s Forage STEM Internship website

Here you will pick a job simulation from the list to take.  You may take up to 2 simulations per year. Once you have decided on a specific simulation, please fill out the request form.

Pay: You will be paid a stipend through the El Centro Sierra Blanca Title III HSI STEM Grant.

The stipend is $50 (for simulations estimated to be under 3 hours) or $75 (for simulations estimated to be over 3 hours) for each simulation completed.  You may take no more than 1 simulations/experiences per semester.  There is a maximum number of these that we can offer to students, so please check in with Sarah to make sure we have available spots before taking.

Please direct any questions to Sarah Noller,, Porter Hall 246, 719-587-7067.

Requirements:  You must be a current STEM student.  You may only choose experiences that are listed on the above website through the Adam State STEM Virtual Job Simulations/Experiences class page.

After you have completed the course, please send your certificate to Sarah Noller

In your email to Sarah, include a brief summary of the job simulation that addresses:

  • new skills you developed
  • benefits you received from the experience
  • how the experience influenced your understanding of the careers available to you
  • how the experience will help you in your future career

Funded by Title III El Centro Sierra Blanca HSI STEM Grant. Department of Education Award # PO31C210066

If you have interest in doing a paid internship, contact

Ken Marquez

Sarah Noller