Women’s and Gender Studies Student Learning Outcomes


Goal 1. To provide an effective educational program that will equip students to utilize the frameworks of various disciplines in order to analyze women, gender and sexuality in meaningful ways.

Goal 2. To produce interdisciplinary/intersectional student research that addresses political and practical issues of gender in relation to race, ethnicity, class, sexuality, privilege and power.

Goal 3. To prepare students to meet the needs of an increasingly ethnically and gender-diverse workplace.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students will:

Define and Evaluate gender as a social construct.

Identify the ways gender, power, privilege, and oppression play out across a range of cultures and human experiences.

Demonstrate an understanding of gender as it intersects with sexuality, race, ethnicity, religion, class and other critical variables.

Analyze human interactions and social/political systems using a “gender lens”.

Conduct scholarly research on key gender issues and/or debates.