There are four key components of the IT landscape at Adams State University.

Infrastructure and Core Services

These are the critical services that Computing Services provides that are essential for campus functions. These include systems such as Banner, Wired and Wireless networking, Helpdesk and Support Services, and telephone services. The maintenance and updating of these services makes up a significant portion of the work done by Computing Services. For a full list of services offered, please refer to our Service Catalog.

Academic Instructional Technology

Academic and instructional technology services and support are provided by the Academic Instructional Technology Center. The mission of AITC serves to support the instructional technology needs of all faculty for both online and classroom instruction. The Center acts as the helpdesk technical support for all students and faculty using the institutionally supported technologies for online, hybrid and supplemental courses.

Operational Innovations

Computing Services is continually evaluating services and implementing innovative technologies to gain efficiency, improve performance, increase security and improve automation of our existing infrastructure and core services.

Campus Engagement

Computing Services aims to partner with campus constituents to identify new technologies and systems and transformative changes to existing services. The IT Governance structure at Adams State, through the Technology Research and Implementation Proposal process, is instrumental in working with the campus to identify, research and prioritize potential technology projects and systems that align with the Adams State Mission, Vision and Strategic goals.