Notify the mailroom staff of your change of address when you

  • Move off campus
  • Graduate
  • Withdraw
  • Transfer
  • Leave for the summer

It is your responsibility to notify companies you do business with of your new address. Here are some ideas:

  • Adams State – make the change online in your student account with One Stop
  • Family and friends
  • Bank
  • Doctor/ hospital/ dentist
  • County clerk (voter registration)
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Student loan companies
  • Cell phone company
  • Food stamp office
  • Credit card company

Be sure to change your shipping address for your online accounts! (Amazon etc.)

First class mail will be forwarded for twelve months and magazines for two months. Students who do not submit a forwarding address will have their mail and packages returned to the sender. Do not assume because one department on campus has your new address that other departments will have the new information.