• Include your department and phone number when placing an order.
  • On a regular basis the mailroom receives packages that are undeliverable because they are addressed only to the Adams State general address. These are set aside to be dealt with later in the day when we have time. We make every reasonable effort to locate the correct recipient but if we cannot make that determination the package will be returned after 7 days.


  • Packages are available when you have received a notice in your mailbox or an email. Do not ask for your package if you have not been notified. Let us work through our procedures to ensure all packages are properly documented.
  • Oversized or heavy packages will be delivered to Richardson Hall with a cart and to all other departments on the daily delivery route.


  • If you are sending a package out through UPS or FedEx complete the shipping form and bring it with the package to the mailroom.
  • Make sure the package you are sending is packaged securely and properly sealed. The label needs to be fastened securely to the package with the correct address and zip code.
  • We must have a billing code for the Adams State department even if it is being billed to a third party.
  • Third party billing must include the postal code for the account.
  • International packages weighing over 16 oz. must have a US customs form with them.