• Should not be placed on the counter.
  • Should include the recipient’s first and last name, department and suite number and your name and department. Lack of complete address could result in returned/undeliverable mail.
  • Department and Suite Numbers
    Use campus mail envelopes, not first class envelopes. Bulk invitations or fliers to staff and faculty should be bundled and clearly labeled by department with the appropriate number of pieces for that department.

On Campus Student Mail

  • Should have the student’s Unit number on it and must be sealed before it is placed in the mail slot.
  • Addresses on Faculty Drive are served by the Post Office not the Adams State mailroom.
  • In keeping with the “greening” of campus, the student mailroom does not accept mass mailings of flyers, invitations, advertisements, etc. from any department, club or other organization. We encourage a better method of advertising through mass emails, texts or posters in dorms or SUB hallways or portal announcements.
  • Do not leave on counter, it does not require postage to be delivered.

International Mail

  • The country the letter is going to should be clearly written as the last line of the address.
  • Do not leave on counter. Separate it out so it receives the correct amount of postage.

Stamped Mail

  • This slot is for letters that do not need postage on them either because they are stamped or they have a “No Postage Necessary” endorsement on them.
  • Do not leave on counter, only envelopes requiring postage should be left there.

Outgoing mail

  • All outgoing mail must have the department name and a complete Adams State return address.
  • All other outgoing mail should be left on the counter with sealed and unsealed envelopes separated and all addresses facing the same direction.
  • If the mailroom window is closed, please leave mail in the Adams State green drop box outside, we check it daily.
  • Do not overlap envelope flaps, the machine cannot process them when they are arranged this way. We will return them to your department for correction.
  • When folding mail make sure the crease is sharp before putting it in the envelope so the piece will feed through the machine easily. Overstuffed envelopes with a loose fold must be sealed prior to coming to the mailroom; they do not feed through the postage machine and will be returned to the department.
  • Use manilla envelopes without a metal clasp; the post office charges extra postage on them. If you must use them be sure to cover the clasp with tape before sending it.
  • The label needs to be fastened securely to any outgoing manila envelope.
  • Minimum size for a postcard according to postal regulations is 3 ½” x 5” and .007” thick.
  • Mail room staff fixes problems associated with mailings as time allows, however if we are unable to solve the problem or it is has been reoccurring we will return it to the department to correct.
  • Mailing over 200 identical letters? We recommend using bulk mail to save money.

Incoming mail

  • Correct address is essential! Please, include your department and the 4 digit mailroom suite #. We are not responsible for slow delivery or the return of improperly addressed mail.
  • Notify the mailroom if you change departments so you will continue to receive your mail.