Student Mailbox

You are assigned a mailbox by the Housing Department when you receive your housing assignment. All students living on campus have a mailbox, locals included.

Each student has a private mailbox; you will not share it with roommates or family members. Your mailbox is in no way tied to your dorm or room number. Please use the correct address to receive your mail.

Check your box regularly, this is one of the main ways Adams State stays in touch with you.

When you move off campus, graduate or transfer, you no longer have a mailbox assigned to you. You will need to notify the mailroom staff of your new address in order to continue receiving your mail.

In the summer, only those students living on campus will receive their mail in the SUB mailboxes, even if you plan on returning fall semester. All other mail is automatically forwarded to the student’s mailing address that was supplied to the Housing Department at the end of the spring semester.

Student mailboxes are for personal mail only, no business mail is allowed.

To open your mailbox

  • Spin the dial to the LEFT (counter clockwise) 3 times to clear the lock, then stop at the first number of your combination.
  • Turn the dial RIGHT (clockwise); pass the first number one time and stop at the second number.
  • Turn back to the LEFT and go directly to the third number.
  • Turn the dial RIGHT and PULL at the same time to open the door.

Be sure to spin the dial a few times to lock your box when you are finished. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Student Address

Your physical address and mailing address are the same. Please use this format:

Student Name (no nicknames)
208 Edgemont Unit ____ (mailbox number)
Alamosa, CO 81101

You must use your unit number. We are not responsible for the slower delivery of misaddressed or insufficiently addressed mail.

Do not use

  • dorm name & room number/ letter
  • PO Box
  • parent name

Student Mail

Units 1-355 receive their mail by 1:30pm.

You will receive your mail faster when the proper address is on it.

Mail that is improperly addressed is set aside to be dealt with later in the day.

Your mailbox combination was sent to you in your housing letter and is also available online.

  • Log into your Student Web Services account
  • Go to Student Services/Financial Aid
  • Student Mailbox Info
  • Log in with your Adams State user ID & password

We suggest taking a screen shot and adding it to your notes.

New students can receive mail at their campus address 2 weeks before the start of the semester, returning students, 4 weeks before the new semester.

Adams State University mailroom personnel in Richardson Hall sign for all accountable mail. You do not have to personally sign for the initial delivery.

Express, certified, insured and or registered items will not be placed into your mailbox regardless of size; you will receive an email notice from SUB MAIL when it is ready to be picked up. Please, bring a photo ID with you when you pick it up.

Over the summer, your mail will be automatically forwarded to your home address. This also applies to students who stay in Alamosa but move off campus for the summer. Only students living on campus during the summer receive their mail in the SUB mailroom.

It is your responsibility to check your mail; this is one of Adam State’s main ways of communicating with you.

We are unable to give any information regarding your mail over the phone. You must come to the mailroom and conduct your business in person.