The Executive Council is the senior administrative management team responsible for the daily operations of Adams State. It meets bi-monthly on all operations related to the University.

Executive Council Summaries

Meet the Executive Council

Dr. Cheryl Lovell, President of Adams State UniversityDr. Cheryl Lovell
President, Adams State University

Kent-BuchananDr. Kent Buchanan 
Vice President Academic Affairs


Kevin Daniel Chief Information OfficerKevin Daniel
Chief Information Officer

Karla Hardesty Executive Director, Enrollment ManagementKarla Hardesty
Executive Director, Enrollment Management

Heather Heersink Chief Financial OfficerHeather Heersink
Chief Financial Officer

Chris Lopez Director, Public Relations and MarketingChris Lopez
Director, Public Relations and Marketing

Dr. RobinsonDr. Henry Robinson
Vice President for Student Services

Katelyn SmithKatelyn Smith

Director of Athletics