Your college experience goes beyond the classroom!

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Get involved and stay involved! As a student, you’ll become part of an intimate community that welcomes everyone as they are and helps each other get ahead — academically, socially, and professionally.

Adams State’s Co-Curricular Recreation and Engagement Office (CoRE) takes students beyond the classroom by giving students the skills to create a fulfilling future. There’s something for you at Adams State, let us know how we can help you find or create your niche!

AS&F Senate

The Associated Student & Faculty Senate

Mission Statement: The Associated Student & Faculty Senate was created to be a collective voice for the Adams State student and faculty body at the campus, local, and state levels.

Stop by our office today in the CoRE Center or contact us at for more info.

AS&F Website

Clubs and Organizations

Get Involved

The Associated Student & Faculty Senate are advocates for the Adams State student clubs & organization. Everyone can find, or even create, their own club here at Adams State.

For more information, stop by the CoRE Center in the Student Union Building or contact our staff today!

Club Information Club Contacts

Leadership and Workshops

Leadership Awards

The leadership awards are given in recognition to those students who serve as exceptional leaders on campus. These students make positive contributions to our campus and the community while motivating others to do so as well.

Such leaders demonstrate a desire to help others realize their own leadership potential while exhibiting positive attitudes and continued self improvement.

We would like to acknowledge the work of these student leaders and support them as they continue to improve Adams State University and its community.

Award Description (PDF) Nomination Form

Track Your Experience

Co-Curricular Transcript

A Co-Curricular Transcript will allow you to track the skills, experiences and involvement throughout your time at Adams State. This will offer you a document, in addition to your academic transcript, to showcase to your future employers, graduate schools and other future opportunities!

Get the Apps on your IoS or Android device

There are a couple ways to engage with the Co-Curricular Transcript:

  • Check into events and organically grow a bank of your experiences that you can view at
  • -Or- Take it one step further! Check into events AND reach your goals of obtaining various Experiences, Skills and Leadership Certificates.

View our tutorial videos to help you navigate finding, creating and tracking all of your involvement and experiences at Adams State: