Adams State recognizes that the college years are challenging, exhilarating, and life changing for students. We are committed to providing students with the support and resources they need to make the best choices possible for both their academic career and their life after college.

This is an essential part of The Adams Experience.

Academic Advising at Adams State

  • Every degree seeking student is assigned to at least one advisor based upon their field of study.
  • Freshman are assigned to an advisor in the Academic Advising Center during their first year. Once the student has completed their first year, the student is then handed off to a faculty advisor in the student’s major. Undeclared and Associate degree seeking students are assigned to an advisor in the Advising Center until they declare a major or graduate with their AA or AS.
  • Transfer students are initially assigned to the Transfer Student Coordinator and, once the semester starts, are reassigned to an appropriate advisor based upon their field of study.

Advising PIN and How Do I Get It?

  • It’s a unique six-digit code generated each Fall and Spring semester for degree-seeking students.
  • Your PIN is required for registration.
  • To obtain your PIN you must be advised by your assigned advisor.

When Should I Contact My Advisor?

  • At least once per semester, to be advised and to obtain your advising PIN (advising begins approximately two weeks before the first day of registration each semester)
  • To discuss academic and career goals
  • To ask questions concerning college policies
  • Any time you have difficulty focusing on your academics (your advisor is aware of campus resources available to help you with issues that interfere with your studies)

When Should I Contact the Academic Advising Center?

  • To declare or change your major or minor
  • To have an advisor assigned to you or to make advisor changes
  • To be advised if you have not declared a major or if you were conditionally admitted