Counseling Center

The Counseling Services Staff would like to extend the warmest invitation to you to please come by, or call and make an appointment, to chat. We always try to have a staff person available for your counseling, career and disability services needs.

The goal of personal counseling is to provide you with assistance in resolving the personal and relationship concerns which could impede your academic progress. Our counselors will work with you to help you decide which direct services listed below might best meet your needs, and/or make appropriate referrals to other services.


We offer personal counseling services to currently registered ASU students. Continuing ASU students may be seen during the summer. Non-student spouses or partners in a committed relationship, and their children may be seen. Currently registered High School students who will be attending ASU the following semester may also be seen. Faculty and staff are provided limited services, but are first referred to the Employee Assistance Program.

General Service Expectations

Your first counseling appointment will usually be a 30-40 minute “intake” to assess with you what your concerns are and what services could be of help to you. If you are a student in crisis, we provide crisis intervention services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in cooperation with the San Luis Valley Comprehensive Mental Health Center. Crisis consultation to other campus departments, faculty/staff and parents is also available by phone. Potential services and interventions will be discussed at that time.


Students and faculty/staff may wish to consult with the Counseling Center staff for referrals to community practitioners and/or agencies. A student already in counseling may be given recommendations for further follow-up by their individual counselor at the end of the counseling.