Faculty, Staff, and Alumni

Alumni Services

The Counseling Center is funded by the general fund. Services to students are free of charge as long as the student is currently enrolled.

Adams State alumni have access to services through the Career Center (Student Success Center, Nielsen Library). The student/employer networking and job posting board and job fairs are free to alumni. Other more limited services are also available.

Adams State alumni have a grace period of one semester after the last semester they were enrolled, in which to access the following Career Center services: career workshops, career testing (additional fees may apply), career resources, drop-in advising, and career counseling appointments.

Faculty and Staff Services

We are a Student Services department and as such, students are our main service target. However, we do offer a few courtesy services for Adams State staff and faculty.

  • Career Services: The student/employer networking and job board and career fairs are free to faculty and staff at all times.
  • Consultation/Clinical Services: Faculty and staff have unlimited access to confidential consultation services regarding student issues. Limited access to confidential consultation services to prevent, reduce, or resolve individual and organizational problems is available. The number of sessions allowed for limited services is left to the discretion of the Director. Limited session issues are usually resolved in one session. If more than one session is required, as in a crisis situation, a referral to an outside counseling agency will usually be made.

How You Can Help Us Better Serve Our Students

To make our services maximally effective, we need the support and assistance of Adams State faculty and staff. Although a majority of students come to the Counseling Center on their own, you may be the first to recognize that a student is in need of assistance; students may turn to you because of the respect they hold for your position as a faculty or staff member.

At Adams State we find that students take your recommendations and referrals very seriously. If you would like to know more about our services, please feel free to contact us directly at 719-587-7746.