Month: September 2019

Theatre Building

Adams State Theatre presents “On the Basis of Sex”

“Through sharing her story, we are reminded that we each have a role to play and actions to take in our daily lives so that we can create a community, a state, a nation, and world in which every person is able to live as their own authentic self,” said John Taylor.

ASU students walking to class

Adams State gains national ranking for social mobility

“The fact Adams State serves a greater proportion of students whose families historically have not attended college or have had access to a college degree means Adams State is changing and transforming lives,” said Adams State President Cheryl D. Lovell.

San Luis Valley industrial hemp field.

State seeks public input on industrial hemp at meeting in San Luis Valley

“In keeping with Colorado’s position as a leader in the advancement of hemp, we are committed to seeking valuable input offered by voices in the San Luis Valley and partnering with leading academic institutions, including Adam State University, to explore the potential of this high value crop,” said Colorado Commissioner of Agriculture Kate Greenberg.