Our goal is to ensure your academic success as a graduate student at Adams State, whether your program is online, face-to-face (F2F) or a combination. We offer a variety of online and F2F services to our graduate students.

Laptop Checkout

The laptop checkout policy in place allows for laptops to be checked out of the Office of Graduate Studies for up to a semester at a time. For more information, please call or email us at 719-587-8173 or graduatestudies@adams.edu.

Academic Workshops

We offer a variety of academic workshops to assist you in your academic success. The academic workshop courses are graded on a pass/fail (P/F) basis. These courses will appear on your official transcript under the semester registered. Please only register if you intend to complete the course(s) within semester registered or a fail (F) grade will be posted on your official transcript.

  • Academic Writing/APA: this workshop is designed to assist students with academic writing such as components of a research paper, critical thinking/analysis, structuring a persuasive argument, synthesizing information, grammar/syntax/clarity, and APA citation.
  • Technology Proficiency/Blackboard: this workshop is designed to train students to more efficiently and effectively use the Blackboard online class platform including collaborate, Skype, etc.
  • Research Integrity: this workshop is an overview of academic misconduct—what it is and how to avoid it, human subjects protection, research ethics and the responsible conduct of researchers (RCR).
  • Quantitative Reasoning: this workshop provides an overview of statistics and higher mathematics, quantitative data interpretation/analysis including different types of statistical software processes, and the application of statistical data.
  • Qualitative Reasoning: this workshop provides an overview of focus group and individual interviewing techniques, survey design, and qualitative data interpretation and analysis.
  • Library Research/Information Literacy: this workshop provides students an introduction to the Nielsen Library including a description of library resources, effective searches in databases, writing effective literature reviews, citations, etc.

CRNs for Summer 2024:

      • ID 579 APA Writing – CRN: 12421
      • ID 579 Technology Proficiency/Blackboard – CRN: 12422
      • ID 579 Qualitative Reasoning – CRN: 12423
      • ID 579 Quantitative Reasoning – CRN: 12424
      • ID 579 Research Integrity – CRN: 12425
      • ID 579 Library Research/Information Literacy – CRN: 12426

To Enroll in Academic Workshops

      1. Log in to your Banner Student Account
      2. Click on Student Services, Add/Drop Classes, and select the Summer 2024 semester
      3. Enter the CRNs on the bottom of the registration page in the boxes from the list above that correspond to the workshops you would like to take
      4. Submit Changes
      5. Your workshops will become available in Blackboard in a short time, usually within 24-48 hours

Professional Development

Graduate students from partnering Colorado institutions (which Adams State is) are invited to participate in FREE online professional development opportunities throughout the semester via the GradCO professional development series initiative. More information to be posted for Spring 2024 opportunities soon!

Soft Skill Workshops

  • Grant Writing Basics
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Discovering Your Wellness

Graduate Student Support Services also offers soft skill workshops that are free of charge. The three workshops offered are Grant Writing Basics, Mindfulness Meditation, and Discovering Your Wellness.

Grant Writing Basics is a course that can be a great resume builder, and also a head start in careers involving grant writing. The goal of this 6-part online workshop is to provide an introduction to grant writing including an overview of grant search resources, common proposal components, and tips for successful proposal development. The intent of each module is to deepen the student’s familiarity and understanding of the grant writing process.

Mindfulness Meditation has the student in mind. Balancing courses, work, and other commitments during graduate school can be overwhelming. This opportunity allows the student to de-stress and refocus on what’s important. Mindfulness exercises are incorporated to allow for appreciation and peace in being aware of the present.

Discovering Your Wellness is a course designed to help you reflect, discover, and implement wellness in the personal harmony of your life based on the eight (8) dimensions of wellness. The goal of this nine (9) part course will introduce and define the broad term of wellness and will take students through physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, environmental, financial, occupational, and social wellness through awareness and active practice. Every dimension of wellness can affect a person’s quality of life. This course will help you figure out what you can do, at your own pace, in your own time, and within your own ability that can help you be the best you.

To Enroll in Soft Skill Workshops

Soft Skill Workshop Enrollment