Submit Grant Concept Proposal

At least 10-12 weeks before proposal deadline

The PI or project director will submit a Grant Concept Proposal form to the Grant Specialist for review by the Grant Concept Review Committee.

Considerations include: time for proposal/detailed budget development, Intent to Apply (ITA) review by Executive Council (required before application submission), indirect costs, cash or in-kind match, institutionalization, other departmental or institutional benefits and impacts. The Assistant Vice President of Graduate Studies, Research and Sponsored Programs (AVPGSRSP, Penny Sanders) and the Grant Specialist will consider requests for grant-writing assistance based on applicant department support, current requests, and institutional priorities.

Complete Intent to Apply Form

At least 6-8 weeks before deadline

The ITA requires a brief summary of project purpose, grant period, and budget commitments. The budget form provides expense details for Executive Council review. All signatures on the form are required to ensure proposal and budget details are fully reviewed. Completed forms go to the AVPGSRSP.

Tips for ITA Completion

  • The Grant Specialist, Tawney Becker, is available to assist with ITA and budget development prior to signature completion. Budgets including salaries shall reflect updated benefits calculations. Once signed by the PI/PD and the department/administrative head, the Grant Specialist will route the form to the Budget Controller of Sponsored Programs (Jody Mortensen) and remaining administrators for review.
  • The 5-year budget form can be adapted to grant periods of 1-4 years by making adjustments on the benefits tab. (Add FTE % for only those positions and years budgeted). If a cash or in-kind match is required, please supply a supporting spreadsheet showing the source and details of match amounts. Institutionalization of costs requires supporting justification (revenue offsets).
  • Include indirect costs (allotment for grant administration, facilities use, etc.) as a percentage, as allowable per application instructions (line 10 of budget form). Allowable indirect costs may vary based on the grantor. ASU’s federal rate is 30% of salaries and benefits. Include a statement re: indirect costs at the end of the project summary. If indirect costs are unallowable, grantor documentation in this regard must be included with the ITA.

Plan 4 weeks for ITA signature completion and Executive Council review

Allow at least 4 weeks for administrative review of the ITA and budget and signatures, including final approval by the Executive Council, who meet twice per month. An approved Concept Proposal Form must accompany the ITA. ITA signature completion generally requires a minimum of one week prior to the Executive Council meeting to allow for questions and timely inclusion on the agenda.

The Assistant Vice President of Graduate Studies, Research and Sponsored Programs (AVPGSRSP) will provide a list of ITAs proposed for review to the President’s Executive Assistant for inclusion on the Executive Council agenda. Executive Council will consider the fiscal and institutional impact based on the project commitment and funding support.

Applicants must receive Executive Council approval before grant application submission. The AVPGSRSP will note consent (yes/no), meeting date, and any Council comments on the ITA form, scan the ITA package, and forward it to the PI/PD, Budget Controller, and Grant Specialist to confirm the status of the ITA, once it has been reviewed by the Executive Council.