Who should get and Why would you want a State Travel Card?

The State Travel Card is designed to provide state travelers with a means of charging their state travel expenses, without using personal funds. These purchases should be limited to Official State Travel related expenses like rental cars, hotels, meals, and ground transportation. Travelers are allowed to make internet airfare purchases on the individual card if a written quote from a state approved travel agency has been obtained and there is a cost savings of at least $35.00 per ticket. Registration fees can also be paid for, with your State Travel Card.

A State Travel Card should be used for all rental vehicle agreements. Use of the card assures that the state negotiated rates are honored and that collision damage insurance is not necessary. See the Rental Vehicles section of the Travel website for more information

NOTE: You will not be reimbursed for any portion of the trip until after you return. Keep this in mind when you are thinking about putting a registration fee or flight expense on your travel card. See the Travel Compliance Designee about other options available.

An approved travel request should be on file for all trips, regardless of distance. The card is not to be used for personal purchases or personal travel. Adams State University can and does monitor the use of the card.

How do I get a State Travel Card?

To obtain a State Travel Card, the applicant must be a full-time, benefit eligible Adams State University employee. The forms needed are the “State Travel Cardholder Agreement – Individual Travel Card” and the “State Travel Card Credit Limit Request – Individual Travel Card”. Once these forms have been read, signed, and approved by your respective supervisor, send them to the Travel Compliance Designee in the ASU Accounting Office, and the new card will be requested. The new card will only be released to the cardholder, no one else can pick up the card.

Citibank Individual Cardholder Agreement Form (PDF)
Citibank Individual Credit Limit Request (PDF)

All new cards will be sent directly to the Travel Compliance Designee. You will be notified when the card is ready for pickup, in the Travel Office.

Citibank Travel Card Payments

Travel expense reports should be submitted, for reimbursement, within thirty days from your return date, as stated on the Cardholder Agreement form. As a travel cardholder, you are personally responsible for all charges made on your travel card and for timely payment to Citibank.

Overnight Payment Information

For overnight payments, the address is:
Citibank, N.A. 
Attn: Payments Processing Center 78025
1820 East Sky Harbor Circle South STE 150
Phoenix, AZ 85034

Citibank Online Support

Citibank provides training and support for cardholders: CitiManager (PDF)

Please keep in mind that the travel card is for official state business travel related expenditures only and an approved travel request should be on file in the ASU Travel Office for all trips, regardless of the distance.