Memberships and Fees

General Facility Access Information

All students who pay the College Service Fee receive access to the Rex Facility and may participate in Intramural and Club Sports during their current semester enrollment. All AS&F dues paying faculty and staff also receive access to the Rex Facility. Eligible dependents of AS&F dues paying faculty and staff also receive access with a valid ASU ID. Every patron’s current ASU status must be verified each visit to access the facilities or services. Access will be denied if current enrollment or current dues paying status cannot be verified.

Campus Rec Memberships may be purchased by graduate students, non-currently enrolled ASU students, non-dues paying faculty and staff, and ASU alumni. Annual memberships are valid for one year with an expiration of the last day before the start of the fall academic term. Fall memberships expire the day before the start of the Spring semester. Spring memberships begin with Spring term and expire May 31st. Summer memberships are June 1st through the day before the start of the Fall term. Memberships are a privilege and may be revoked at any time for non-compliance with facility rules at staff discretion.

Facility Access Fees

Campus Rec Membership ASU Student (not enrolled) Faculty/Staff/Alumni
Annual $150 $350
Semester (Fall, Spring) $75 $195
Summer $35 $75
  • All currently enrolled ASU students who take 12 or more credits, 6 credits in the summer, receive access to Campus Recreation facilities and programs.
  • The “summer fee” is for all students, faculty, and staff who do not pay AS&F dues during the summer.
  • Online Graduate students are the same as Faculty/Staff/Alumni.
  • On campus Graduate students IDs should work
  • Students of Trinidad State Junior College have to pay the same fees as Faculty/Staff/Alumni to use the gym.

Policies for Memberships

  • Students who are not currently enrolled due to non-payment, academic suspension, or withdrawal are eligible to elf-sponsor” and purchase a Campus Rec Membership.
  • Spouses and kids of students and faculty, who pay AS&F dues, have free access to the facility. This does not transfer to a parent, sibling, or friend.
  • Non-ASU affiliated individuals may purchase Adventure Program memberships and day passes for GrizzlyX fitness classes only.
  • No alternative membership agreements are permitted.
  • Full payment is due at time of purchase.
  • No refunds are given.
  • Membership is a privilege that may be revoked at any time.
  • Summer access is permitted to students taking 6 credits or more. Students not currently enrolled in summer classes or taking less than 6 credits must buy a summer membership.