Summer at Adams

Take courses online or on the campus of Adams State

General education courses are transferable

Summer Pell Grant is available for eligible students

Out-of-state residents pay in-state tuition for summer courses


Summer session is a great opportunity to pick up a few more credits to graduate sooner. Our general education classes are part of Colorado’s gtPathways General Education Curriculum, guaranteeing transfer into all public in-state Liberal Arts and Sciences bachelor’s degrees.

High School Students

Graduated high school seniors can be eligible for summer financial aid by completing the 2019-20 FAFSA by June 30, 2020.

Home for the Summer?

Take online or on-campus classes at Adams State that transfer back to your full time institution. Our general education classes are guaranteed to transfer into all public in-state liberal arts and sciences bachelor’s degrees (see Colorado gtPathways for more details).

Register for on-campus classes as a non-degree seeking student by filling out our avocational application form. Register for online courses or for more information about financial aid or registration please contact the Admissions Office at 719-587-8146.

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Summer Sessions

  • 12 week Adams State Online
    May 11 – July 31
  • 1st 6 week Adams State Online
    May 11 – June 21
  • 2nd 6 week Adams State Online
    June 22 – July 31
  • 3 week Face to Face session
    June 29 – July 17
  • On-campus workshops
    July dates

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