Academic Affairs works to ensure that Adams State University provides undergraduate and graduate programs that embody academic excellence. The office collaborates with the Academic Council, Graduate Council, and Faculty Senate to ensure that curriculum, policies, and practices promote academic integrity, student learning, and success for all students.

The office oversees implementation of the academic components of the Adams State Strategic Framework, the Academic Strategic Plan (PDF), and the Adams State Assessment Plan.

The Office of Academic Affairs ensures that academic programs engage in ongoing assessment and improvement. It also oversees the Library, Academic Instructional Technology Center, Extended Studies, First Year Seminar, Prison Education Program, and the Salazar Rio Grande del Norte Center.

It works closely with the Center for Teaching, Innovation and Research to provide faculty development opportunities and training for faculty and department chairs and with the Equity Board to advocate for equity and inclusion in all academic programs. The Office of Academic Affairs also oversees the faculty retention, promotion, and tenure process.