Reporting Sexual Harassment, Violence or Stalking

Any student or someone you know who has been sexually harassed/assaulted or retaliated against is encouraged to report the incident to the Adams State Police Department and/or the Director of Title IX. The University will follow up on all contacts.

Students should expect their privacy and confidentiality to be respected to the extent provided by law. You may choose to make an anonymous report. Be assured we will listen to you and support you through this process. We recommend the use of an advocate for support during the process.

Students who are not certain about filing a report but have questions may contact the Director of Title IX or the Adams State University Counseling office.

Sexual Misconduct Policy

Students may also contact the US Department of Education Office of Civil Rights (OCR)

OCR Rocky Mountain Region
Andrea Oliver, Regional Manager
1961 Stout Street, Rm 08-148
Denver, CO 80294

Customer Response Center: 800-368-1019
Fax: 202-619-3818

Director of Title IX

Adams State Director of Title IX is responsible for monitoring the overall implementation of Title IX. Also, the Title IX Director may provide counseling and mediation services.

Director of Title IX & EOE

Ana Guevara
Student Union Building, Room 329

Other Resources

Office of Student Affairs
Richardson Hall, Suite 2-800
(719) 587-7221

Adams State Counseling Center (Confidential)
Richardson Hall, Suite 3-100
(719) 587-7746

Additional contact information:

  • Tu Casa Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Advocacy Organization 719-589-2465
  • Adams State University Police Department 719-587-7901
  • Alamosa Police Department 719-589-2548
  • Alamosa County Sheriff 719-589-6608
  • San Luis Valley Mental Health Center 719-589-3671
  • Colorado State Patrol Dispatch 719-589-5807

Reporting Sex Offenders

Adams State encourages students to report sexual assault, intimate partner violence, stalking and other forms of sexual misconduct. Under our campus policies, students have three paths or options to pursue. You may speak confidentially to the Adams State Title IX Director about all of these options, which include:

FORMAL LEGAL SYSTEM: Adams State encourages students to report sexual assaults, intimate partner violence and stalking to the Adams State or Alamosa police. If requested, a University representative from the Police Department will guide the victim through the available options and support the victim in his or her decision. Various counseling options are available, on and off campus.

 INFORMAL SUPPORT SYSTEM: Adams State Counselors and Campus Ministries provide information and confidential support to assist students in making decisions about filing formal complaint/charges and seeking medical care or counseling. These resources can also assist students in managing the impact of misconduct on their academic and social functioning.

FORMAL UNIVERSITY DISCIPLINE SYSTEM: A formal complaint may be brought forward to the University as long as the person accused (the respondent) is a student or employee at Adams State. The University reserves the right to take whatever measures it deems necessary and appropriate to respond to a charge of sexual misconduct in order to protect students’ safety, physical and mental well-being, and individual rights. Such measures include, but are not limited to, no-contact agreements, immediate modification of academic and living arrangements, summary removal from campus pending a hearing, and reporting to the Adams State or local police.

FEELING SAFE AFTER AN ASSAULT: If you have experienced sexual assault, there are steps you can take to feel safer.

MAKE USE OF ON-CAMPUS RESOURCES: Colleges often provide a host of services to students for free, including security escorts, health centers, psychological services, and sexual assault services.

REQUEST A SCHEDULE OR HOUSING CHANGE: If you have classes with the perpetrator or live in the same building, you can request a change from your college administration. Federal laws, such as the Campus SaVE Act, require colleges to honor these requests.

ACCESS OFF-CAMPUS SUPPORT SERVICES: If you are concerned about anonymity, you can seek out resources located off campus in the community, like a local sexual assault service provider or domestic violence shelter.

SEEK A CIVIL PROTECTION ORDER (CPO): A CPO, sometimes also referred to as a temporary restraining order (TPO), is a legal document that bars an individual from certain types of contact with the person who is awarded the order. An individual who violates the terms of the restraining order can face criminal charges. Each state has its own rules and regulations for Sexual Assault CPOs that you can learn more about through the American Bar Association.

CREATE A SAFETY PLAN: If you are concerned for your ongoing safety, it can be worthwhile to create a safety plan. Safety planning is about finding ways to be safe in the present while planning for your future safety as well.

SUPPORT RESOURCES: Experiences like sexual assault, intimate partner violence and stalking can be traumatic, leading to confusion, anxiety and depression, as well as concerns about safety, well-being and social and academic functioning. If you need help, the first action is get to a safe place. Once you are safe, the following resources can assist you in obtaining medical attention, emotional support, and information regarding judicial options.

TU CASA VICTIM ADVOCACY ORGANIZATION:  An off-campus domestic violence/sexual assault/stalking/ elder abuse/hate crime advocacy center. Tu Casa is available 24/7 to the Adams State Community: 24-Hour Hotline 719-589-2465

ADAMS STATE COUNSELING CENTER:  A place where students can receive confidential direct-intervention & consultation, short-term counseling & information on a variety of issues: 719-587-7746

UNITED CAMPUS MINISTRY:  A confidential resource that can assist with emotional and spiritual needs 719-587-7516

DIRECTOR OF TITLE IX: A person trained to monitor the overall implementation of Title IX on campus. The Title IX Director may provide counseling & mediation services: 719-587-8213

ADAMS STATE POLICE DEPARTMENT: Emergency: 911 Office: 719-587-7901