The mission of the School of Business is to deliver a contemporary, integrated business curriculum emphasizing teaching excellence in a student-centered environment. The School of Business offers several degree programs. Minors are offered in consultation with the department chair in all the majors except economics, small business, pre-international business, business education, and advertising.

The School of Business has one national professional business fraternity, Phi Beta Lambda, and a national honor society in business, management and administration, Sigma Beta Delta. Other student clubs include: Agribusiness, Bulls and Bears (finance), Pacioli Club (in accounting) and an Adams State Toastmaster’s Chapter. The accounting program is recognized by the Colorado State Board of Accountancy.

The student will acquire competency to apply sound business practices and to understand the evolving business and economic environment under which business decisions must be made. Graduates are prepared for a variety of jobs in accounting, finance, management, marketing, research in public and private sectors, small business, and teaching.

2022-2023 Degrees

Program Department Faculty

Program Chair

Elizabeth Thomas-Hensley, Ph.D.


  • Elizabeth Hensley, Ph.D.
  • Zena Buser, Ph.D.

Assistant Professors

  • Sheryl Abeyta, M.T.
  • Natalie Rogers, M.B.A.
  • Mohamed Yusri Zaro, M.B.A.
  • Kyle Glenn, Ph.D.
  • Marco Polo Tello Velasco, Ph.D.
  • A.J. Webb, M.B.A.

Adjunct Instructors

  • Lillian Adams
  • Kale Mortensen, M.P.A.
  • Larry Mortensen
  • Dr. Deanna Bartee, Ed.D.
  • Lonnie Gillespie, M.B.A.
  • Dr. John Gilmore, Ph.D.
  • Dr. Kathleen Hargis, Ph.D.
  • Dr. Richard Hughes, Ph.D.
  • Dr. Michael McGivern, Ph.D.
  • Dr. Randall Newell, D.B.A.
  • Dr. Linda Reid, D.B.A.
  • Dr. Michael Mumper
  • Dr. Michael Tomlin, Ed.D.
  • Dr. Alex Gialanella
  • Heather Ashbach, M.B.A.
  • Nicholas Bergan, M.S.
  • Dr. Jill Coddington, M.B.A., Ph.D.
  • Michael McKittrick, M.B.A.
  • Dr. Vernan Pierce, Ph.D.
  • Dr. Pat Robbins, Ph.D.
  • Dr. Julie Ruse, D.M.
  • William Schlaufman, M.B.A.
  • Olivia Jane St Onge, Ph.D.
  • Dr. Geoffrey VanderPal, D.B.A.
  • Deborah Washington, D.M.
  • Sheila Zajkowski
  • Betty O’Donnell, M.B.A.
  • Ronald Fernando
  • Dr. Douglas Coleman

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