Google Suite

Google Hangouts, Videoconferencing

Google Drive, then login with your Adams State credentials.

There are 3 types of Google Drives that are accessible by employees:

  • Your individual Google Drive called “My Drive”
  • Team drives which is for use by groups of employees called “Shared drives”
  • Drives that another employee owns and shares with you called “Shared with me”

Google Drive Training/help via G Suite Learning Center

Google File Stream

Available in the Software Center, so you can install yourself, or open a ticket with Computing Services to install for you. Allows you to access your Google Drive space through a locally-assigned drive letter, like your C: drive or D: drive. It usually uses your G: drive.

Google Calendar Calendar Training/help via G Suite Learning Center

Google Gmail

Forward emailGoogle Gmail Training/help via G Suite Learning Center

Google Groups Groups Training/help via G Suite Learning Center

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Access with Cisco AnyConnect VPN (Windows)Please note: Banner can only be accessed via VPN when using an ASU computer from off campus. Because we have a limited number of concurrent VPN licenses (only a certain number of people can be on at a time), we ask that you minimize the amount of time that you are connected to the VPN. Many tasks can be completed online without being connected to the VPN.


Forward your campus phone number to a personal phone number.

Voicemail User Guide

Access your Adams State Home and Shared Network Drives from home. Visit You will login with your Adams State User ID and password. Myfiles Howto.

Office 365

Office 365 Education for students and employees

Software Center

Install Optional Software

Adams State Google Application Instructions and Tutorials

Some documents located in ASU Google Shared Drive will need login with Adams State user and password to access the materials.

Contact Computing Services for assistance