IRS Form 1098-T Information


Adams State University (ASU) contracts with ECSI/Heartland to provide the 1098-T Tax Notifications.  ECSI will mail paper 1098-T forms no later than January 31, 2024.

1098-T forms for 2023 will also be available online at the ECSI/Heartland website after January 31, 2024.

Information about the tax credit and frequently asked questions can also be found on the ECSI/Heartland website

Adams State’s school code is Q2.

Your Student Account

1098-T information may also be viewed at under the heading Student Account.  Click Student Services & Financial Aid, click Student Records, click Tax Notification.  

Extended studies students taking print based classes only do not have access to School Services.  

1098-T Boxes

The 1098-T for 2023 shows Payments Received (Box 1) during the calendar year which includes: personal payments, loans, as well as scholarships or grant aid applied to your account during 2023Reductions made during 2023 to payments reported in a prior calendar year as well as reductions to scholarships or grant aid reported for a prior calendar year are shown separately (Boxes 4 & 6). 

Form 1098-T provides part of the information needed to claim education tax benefits that may be available to you; please consult your tax professional. 


The federal government requires 3rd party payments received by Adams State to be reported as scholarships and/or grants (Box 5).  Third party payments can include veterans or vocational rehabilitation benefits, payments by employers, school districts or other private or government agencies. 

COF and State Tuition Support (reciprocity) are considered third party payments and are reported on the 1098-T as scholarships and grants.

Payments received does not include amounts paid for room and board, transportation or other education expenses related to sports, games or hobbies or noncredit course(s).   Although room and board cannot be included in qualified tuition and related expenses, scholarships for room and board must be included with Scholarships and Grants as they are intended to cover the student’s “cost of attendance.”  

Books and other educational supplies are usually purchased directly by students from a variety of sources and, in most cases, are not included on the 1098-T.

To Correct Your Social Security Number

To correct your SSN on the ECSI/Heartland site:

Go to: and follow the instructions for Students and Borrowers.

To correct SSN or name information on the 1098-T please contact the following:

Extended Studies Students:  719-587-8301 or 800-548-6679 (ask for Linda Jones)

Records Office:   719-587-7881.

To receive your 1098-T Tuition Statement electronically

Go to: and follow the instructions for Students and Borrowers.

To Download your 1098-T

Instructions to access your 1098T

Have Questions?

If you have questions about the amounts on the 1098-T form, please contact Student Business Services 719-587-7728 or 877-862-8202

Please Note:

Neither Adams State nor ECSI/Heartland can provide tax advice.  Please contact your tax professional or the IRS if you have tax specific questions about tax credits, eligibility, or reporting the tax credit on your tax return.