Appeal Billed Charges

Making an appeal

The Appeal for Billed Charges process is for students who believe that there are special circumstances that delayed or prevented their dis-enrollment that justify a special adjustment to their tuition and fees that does not follow the Financial Terms and Conditions/Complete Withdrawals.These special circumstances may be presented for review through the BilledCharges Appeals process.An appeal for Housingand Meals only, will be forwarded to the Office of Housing and Residence Life for review.

To begin the appeal process

  • Send an email to explaining why the charges are invalid to Student Business Services.
  • Include any documents supporting the request.

Appeal Deadlines

The deadline for submitting an appeal to be reviewed is 90 days from the end of the semester in which the charges were incurred.

Appeal Outcomes

Review of an appeal can result in a deferral or a decision. Decisions will either be:

  1. Approval of special circumstance justifying a special adjustment of charges, with the amount of the adjustment determined on a case-by-case basis or
  2. Denial of appeal for a special adjustment.

Appeal for Billed Charges Policy