Scholarship Eligibility Policy

Scholarship Acceptance and Terms

Acceptance of an individual scholarship Offer is an agreement to the terms and conditions of that Offer as well as all policies governing ASU scholarships. Every student’s financial Offer package (scholarships, gift, and need-based assistance) is subject to audit with the final determination to be made by the ASU Financial Aid Office in compliance with federal and state aid regulations. A student’s ASU funds may not exceed direct costs (tuition, fees, room, and board). If the student also receives non-ASU funds (including all forms of federal, state and external assistance), the total of all funds cannot exceed the total direct and indirect costs of education. Indirect costs include allowances for personal expenses, books, and transportation.

  • Full-time enrollment (or program equivalency) is required for all ASU scholarship recipients.
  • Renewable Offers are contingent upon maintaining a minimum grade point average and meeting all other conditions of the renewal criteria as specified.

Enrollment Requirements

  • Merit Scholarships: (Promising Scholar, Academic Achievement Offer, Valedictorian Scholarship, President’s, Vice President’s, and Chairs’ Merit Scholarships) Require full-time, on-campus enrollment.
  • Foundation, Institutional, and Athletic Scholarships: Require full-time enrollment, enrollment with Distance Education allowed (see full-time enrollment description below). Experience Colorado Scholarship for non-residents will pro-rate to pay only for hours taken on campus.

When Full-Time Enrollment Includes Distance Education (Extended Studies)

In order to be considered full-time for receipt of Foundation, Institutional, and Athletic scholarship Offers, undergraduate students must be taking a minimum of nine credits on the Adams State campus.

Full-Time Students Admitted into a Degree-Seeking, Extended Studies Program

Full-time, degree seeking students admitted into an Extended Studies program may be eligible for individual scholarships. A review may be conducted on a case-by-case basis by the Director of Financial Aid, or their designee, and are not appealable.

Graduate Programs

Graduate students pursuing programs offered entirely online (e.g. MBA, HEAL programs) are still eligible for Foundation, Institutional, and Athletic Scholarships when enrolled full-time. Offers may be reduced if they exceed direct costs. A graduate student’s total financial aid Offer may be adjusted based on their enrollment type using an extenuating circumstance within their program(s) of study. A review may be conducted on a case-by-case by the Director of Financial aid or their designee and are not appealable.

Exceptions to Full-time Requirement

  • The Milestone Scholarship, offered to students who graduate with an ASU AA or AS Degree in the semester following conferment of the degree, only requires half-time enrollment. Students can receive this Offer for on-campus, distance, or dual enrollment.
  • In a student’s final semester, that student may request to receive scholarship funds at less than full-time, with documentation from their advisor that the registered coursework is all that is required for graduation. In most cases, the student will still be required to take a minimum of 50% of her courses on the ASU campus. Requests will be reviewed on an individual basis. Offers may be reduced if they exceed direct costs. A review of enrollment level may be conducted on a case-by-case by the Director of Financial aid or their designee to determine eligibility and are not appealable.

Student Athletes

Student-athletes are subject to all NCAA regulations and guidelines. Individual scholarships may be adjusted to ensure compliance with these rules and regulations. Questions should be directed to the ASU Athletic Department.