We Believe

The federal formula used is designed to provide an equitable means for evaluating financial status and determining an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) or Student Aid Index (SAI).

The formula may not address individual situations. Students must let us know if there are extenuating circumstances.

Our first responsibility is to assist the most economically-disadvantaged students. Funding is limited. We offer to the neediest students first and may not be able to meet all students’ total financial needs.

Student budgets should reflect reasonable allowances for typical student expenses.

The financial aid offering process ensures distribution of funds in a fair and equitable manner to all aid applicants.

Students should make a commitment to their education with both current and future earnings through working and borrowing to pay for their costs. Therefore, self-help (work and loan) is a part of the aid offered.

We have a responsibility to develop information and policies that educate students about loan debt to reduce defaults on student loans.

Our Policies