Conflicting Information Policy

In order to ensure the integrity of all financial aid applicant data received at Adams State University (ASU), the Office of Student Financial Aid must resolve any conflicting information in a student’s file. Any office at ASU may hold information or documentation that could create a conflict. The Office of Student Financial Aid will work with all sources to collect documentation for purposes of clarification and accuracy.

Common sources of conflicting information can be, but are not limited to

  • Social Security number
  • Date of Birth
  • Name change
  • Dependency status
  • Marital status (student and/or parent)
  • Admissions status
  • Admissions information regarding prior institutions
  • Income and taxes paid
  • Number in household
  • Number in college
  • NSLDS data

A student may be asked to submit written documentation and/or additional information to clarify or correct conflicting information. This action may be in conjunction with the Verification process or a separate request.

If there is reason to believe a student has intentionally submitted incorrect data or withheld information to gain access to federal, state, or institutional student aid, their student financial aid package may be cancelled and/or additional administrative action taken.