Distance degree-seeking students enrolled in print-based or online courses may be eligible for Federal Pell grants (undergraduate only), Stafford loans and scholarships, depending on eligibility.

To receive financial aid, students taking distance learning courses through Adams State University must:

  • be admitted into a degree-seeking program
  • complete a financial aid application (FAFSA) and all requirements
  • complete and submit the Financial Aid Policies Statement
  • be registered for courses and attend academically related activities prior to the semester census date

If cost of attendance exceeds a student’s federal aid eligibility, students can seek an alternative education loan.

Enrollment Requirements

You must be enrolled in and attending courses by census date (the course add/drop deadline) of the semester. Financial aid eligibility is determined by your enrollment status and course attendance on that date. All courses must be completed within the semester of enrollment to maintain eligibility.

Combined enrollment calculation, print-based and online course delivery methods
Regular* or Online Semester-based Print-based or Online Open Enrollment Adjusted Credits  Enrollment Level
2 6 6 Half-time
3 3 6 Half-time
3 6 6 Half-time
3 9 6 Half-time
6 3 9 3/4-time
6 6 12 Full-time
9 3 12 Full-time
0 12 6 Half-time

Please note that:

  • the financial aid enrollment status for correspondence credits can be no more than half-time.
  • the courses must apply toward the student’s degree. Consult your academic advisor to determine if each course meets degree requirements.
  • the courses must be completed during the period required for the student’s regular coursework, e.g., a semester.
  • the amount of correspondence work counted cannot be more than the number of credit hours of regular coursework in which the student is enrolled.

Disbursement Timing

If all eligibility requirements are met and students are registered for the semester’s courses* prior to census date, financial aid is disbursed to student accounts at the beginning of the semester. Any funds beyond your account balance are refunded through BankMobile Disbursements, a technology solution, powered by BMTX, Inc.

*If all your courses for the semester are print-based or online open enrollment courses and are eligible for federal student aid, 50% of all course requirements must be complete before federal aid can be disbursed. Your course professor can notify your academic advisor and the Financial Aid Office when you have completed 50% of your course requirements.

Distance Course Attendance Requirements

Federal legislation requires Adams State University to verify that students who receive financial aid begin attending courses by census date of each semester. Please be aware that if you have financial aid for your courses with Adams State University, you MUST participate in an academically related activity in each course by census date of the semester of enrollment.

Academically Related Activities

If you do not begin attending academically related activities in each course by census, you WILL BE DROPPED from your course(s) and therefore, lose financial aid eligibility for the semester. Any financial aid funds disbursed to your student account or refunded to you must be returned to the U.S. Department of Education. Please be aware of Adams State’s census (course add/drop) dates every semester by referring to the Academic Calendar.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

To encourage successful degree completion in a timely manner, academic progress for all students is reviewed at the end of every term. Students must meet three academic standards to maintain financial aid eligibility.

  1. Minimum GPA: 2.0 for undergraduate students, 3.0 for graduate
  2. Pace: Students must successfully complete at least 75% of their attempted credits
  3. Maximum Credit: Students must complete their degree within 150% of the required credits. For undergraduates, baccalaureate degrees must be completed within 180 credits. Graduate degree credit standards vary with each program.

Be aware that receiving more than one (1) grade of IN (incomplete) in any semester or period of enrollment will stop any subsequent financial aid disbursement(s). Any grade of IN (incomplete) must be updated before the end of the subsequent semester in order to receive any further financial aid.