How to Apply?

M.A. Counseling Admissions

I just completed my online application. Now what?

Your application will be processed by the Graduate School who will then forward this information to Counselor Education. When we receive your information at Counselor Education, you will get a letter in the mail indicating your acceptance status and reminding you of any remaining items needed for your completed application. This may take up to several weeks. As your first semester nears, you will be sent information instructing you about online registration for classes, lists of required textbooks, etc.

When is the deadline date for admissions?

Adams State University accepts students Fall, Spring and Summer.

Deadline for Fall- July 1st
Deadline for Spring-December 1st
Deadline for Summer- April 1st

Students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible as the cohorts fill up quickly.

What are the requirements for an application?

Is there a letter or recommendation form?

Yes there is a form required:

Student Forms

Do you allow non-matriculated students to take classes from the Online Counselor Ed. Program?

No. We do not allow non-degree seeking students to take classes from our Online Graduate Counselor Ed. Program.

Where do I get information if I am a International Student?

International Students at Adams State

When does the next cohort start?

We are currently starting new cohorts every Fall, Spring and Summer.

What about Summer Housing?

There is summer housing available on campus and some reasonably priced motels nearby. This information will be included in the summer intensives bulletin.

What is the cost of classes?

Cost / Tuition to Attend Adams State University

How many credits are needed to complete the program and how long does it take to complete?

60 credit hours; 7 semesters. 8 Semesters for cohorts that start in the fall.

Where can I find a list of the courses required to complete the program?

M.A. Degree Plan

Course descriptions are also posted at

Course descriptions

Are all courses online?

Almost all courses are online. We do require a one week intensive in each of the two summers of the program. The clinical intensive weeks are held on the Adams State campus, usually in June. Attendance to these intensives is mandatory.

Blackboard Information

How do I access my classes?

Once you have been accepted into the cohort, you will be issued your ID number and a token number from the Graduate School. A token ID is a temporary code used to set up your password. Using your user name and this password, you will access your classes through Blackboard on

Do you require the GRE or MAT for admission?

No, The MAT or GRE is no longer required for admissions into the program.

Do you accept a transfer of credits?

Requests for transfer of graduate level credits must be in writing and include transcripts plus the course syllabus you are asking to be considered for transfer. This can be sent to the Counselor Education Department along with a Petition for Approval for Transfer Credit and/or Petition for Substitution form found here:

Where do I do my internship?

You will do your practicum and internship locally in your community. Your supervisor will also be in your local community for weekly meetings.

On completion of the program, what degree is awarded?

Upon completion, you will have a M.A. in Counseling with either a Clinical Mental Health Counseling or School Counseling major.

What are the requirements to practice as a counselor in my state?

For Clinical Mental Health Counseling, check the American Counseling Association for your state’s requirements for Licensure & Certification.

For School Counselors, check The American School Counselor Association for your state requirements.

or contact your state’s Department of Education