CAMP@ASU Testimonials

Stephany RodriguezStephany Rodriguez-Moreno

My name is Stephany Rodriguez-Moreno. I was born in Yuma, Arizona, but raised in Alamosa, Colorado. I graduated in 2016 from Alamosa High School, and am now attending Adams State University as a Junior. I am pursuing a B.A. degree in nursing at ASU, with anticipation of getting accepted into the nursing program. I plan to practice nursing for a few years and then go back and attempt to get into medical school and become a pediatric oncologist. This is due to my deep passion and desire to help cure children with cancer.

CAMP did not only help me financially, but it also helped me focus on my educational goals by making sure my grades were good, demonstrating to me the importance of keeping good communication with my professors and allowing me to meet new people and professors before classes began.

This all allowed me to be one step ahead of everyone and calmer when classes began. I love being a mentor because I get to help students that come from the same background as I do, as well as helping them do that big change from high school to college. I know how helpful it was for me to have mentors that knew challenges I was going to face and were able to help me, which I hope my mentees are getting from me.

Carolina Rodriguez

Carolina RodriguezMy Name is Carolina Rodriguez! I am a former CAMP student! I am currently on my 3rd year of college at Adams State University. Although it is only my 3rd year, it is my senior year of college. I plan on Graduating this May 2018 with my Bachelors Degree in Health Care Administration. CAMP has been of great blessing in my life because thanks to CAMP I was able to come to college! CAMP paved my way into Adams State University by funding the majority of my first year of college!

Without CAMP I would have not been able to come here. Being a CAMP student also opened many doors for me to continue my education. I am currently working as a CAMP Mentor which allows me to pay it forward and be there for students, who like me, arrived here thanks to CAMP! I would highly recommend anyone to come to Adams State University and become involved with the such great programs Adams has to offer!

Jonatan Garcia

Jonatan Garcia
My name is Jonatan Garcia, I was born in Loveland, CO but I was raised here in the SLV my whole life. I have a little brother in high school and an older sister that graduated from Adams. I am a sophomore here at Adams, and I’m majoring in Exercise Science then pursuing my D.P.T (Doctor of Physical Therapy).

This is my 1st year being a mentor for the CAMP program and I wanted to be a mentor because of my experience with being in CAMP last year. CAMP offered a support group that was always there, they always were seeking to help and this year we’re doing even more! I’m very appreciative of the opportunity that CAMP provides to students, giving them the opportunity to attend college.

Wendy Carrillo

Wendy CarrilloMy name is Wendy Carrillo and I was born in Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico, but raised in Alamosa, Colorado. I graduated from Alamosa High School in 2016. Now I am a sophomore at Adams State, with a major in psychology. I was able to do this with CAMP because they have supported me financially and the tutors have helped me with my education.

Now I am working with them as a mentor. Using the experience to help others has been rewarding. Sharing with the students knowledge and experiences for them to also succeed is always my goal. Being a mentor has helped me improve my self-confidence and motivation. Something that people rarely know about me is that I come from an all girls family with my dad being the only male.