Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Faculty

Q: Can I post student grades publicly?

No. The public posting of grades either by student name, student identification number, or Social Security number is a violation of FERPA. Student scores or grades including graded exams or papers should never be displayed publicly or left in a publicly accessible location. Instructors are required to submit progress grades online on a monthly basis each fall/spring so that students are aware of their present standing in courses. Graded papers or exams should be provided to students so that no one is ever given the opportunity to see other students’ grade information.

Q: Can I leave graded student assignments, tests and quizzes outside my office for student pick up?

If the graded materials can be tied directly to a student, do not leave them outside your office without written consent from the student. See previous question for further information.

Q: Can I write a letter of recommendation for a student containing GPA and grade information?

If a student wishes for their GPA or grade information to be contained in the recommendation letter, they must give written consent. The consent must include all of the following:

  • the information the student authorizes to be released (GPA, specific course information including grades, or other non-directory information)
  • to whom the information should be released
  • the purpose of the release

All authorizations must be signed and dated by the student. A copy of the student’s consent along with a copy of the information released by the faculty member should be filed with the Office of the Registrar.

Q: What if I am contacted by a parent who is concerned about how their son/daughter is doing in my class?

Inform the parent that you cannot release information about grades or student progress without written consent from the student. Although you may release directory information, you are under no obligation to do so. Additionally, please note that if written consent has been received, institutional policy dictates that information protected by FERPA cannot be released over the phone. If they are persistent, the best approach is for the parent to talk directly with the student. Students may access this information via their student web account. Refer incarcerated students to the Office of Extended Studies.

Q: Can I share student information with a retired colleague or another faculty member employed by Adams State?

Never share protected student education record information, including grades or grade point averages, with anyone including faculty or staff members of the University. All University employees must demonstrate a “legitimate educational interest” or need to know in order to be granted access. This includes sharing information with new or former employees whose access has been terminated or is pending.

Additionally, the right of access should be exercised cautiously. A faculty member may use their access in the performance of their duties as instructor and/or advisor however, they may not, simply out of curiosity review protected information for a student that is not their advisee or student simply because they has access. Access should always be limited and in compliance with job duties.

Q: What should I do if someone asks me to assist them in locating a student?

Never provide anyone with student schedules or assist anyone in finding a student on campus. Refer these requests to the Office of Student Affairs.

Q: Am I required to take attendance?

Federal legislation requires that Adams State be able to verify that students who receive financial aid participate in an academically related activity in each course by the census add/drop deadline each semester. Faculty will receive instructions and should submit “Non-attendance” verification each fall/spring. Any student who is reported as not attending will be dropped and may lose their financial aid eligibility for the semester. Any funds disbursed to these students must be returned to the U.S. Department of Education. Please refer to the Academic Calendar for all important dates each semester including the census and withdrawal deadlines.

Q: I know students can “opt out” of Directory Information. What does this mean for me as an instructor?

While students have the opportunity to have directory information suppressed from public release or to “opt out” of directory information, and have no information be released about them by the institution without their written consent, they may never choose to be anonymous in the classroom setting. Suppression of directory information can never mean that an instructor cannot call on such a student or that his/her email address cannot be displayed on an electronic classroom support tool such as a discussion board, blog or chat feature.

Q: Where can I find further information?

Please contact the Registrar at 719-587-7322 or You can also visit the US Department of Education website.