Prior to enrollment, a student must seek approval for independent study by using the Authorization for Independent Study Form.

Credit by independent study must be approved in writing by the instructor, the department chair, and the Assistant Provost for Academic Affairs.

After having received approval, a student must submit the Authorization for Independent Study Form to the Assistant Registrar.

Forms may be obtained in the Office of the Registrar, the One Stop Student Services Center or online:

How to obtain an Independent Study

  1. The student takes the Authorization for Independent Study form to the instructor delivering the independent study. The instructor must attach a syllabus or contract between the student and instructor that describe requirements of the course, as well as grade information. The student must document the reason for the independent study. The student and instructor each retains a copy of these documents.
  2. The student takes the form to the chair of the appropriate academic department for approval.
  3. After receiving department chair approval, the student brings the form to the assistant provost for academic affairs (APAA), for approval.
  4. Following approval of the APAA, the student shall take the form to the Office of the Registrar, RH 1-300. The Assistant Registrar will create the course, enroll the student, and mail a copy of the schedule to the student that reflects the independent study course. Course numbers will be 199, 299, 399, 499 or 599 depending on the level of coursework.