Master of Arts in Education

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With STEM CERTIFICATE through the Endeavor STEM Teaching Certificate Project

Adams State and US Satellite Lab have  partnered to deliver a high-quality STEM / Education online Master’s degree at an affordable rate.

This program encourages applications from individuals who have strong academic and professional backgrounds and have demonstrated potential to contribute to the field of STEM education.

The Master of Arts in Education with Curriculum and Instruction Emphasis with STEM Concentration Graduate degree program focuses on enhancing professional careers in teaching, administration, organizational training, and curriculum development.

The goal of this program is to develop strong planning and teaching skills in educators who are dedicated to ensuring all students, particularly students from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds, succeed academically.

Application Requirements

Program Highlights

  • Online classes
  • 30 Credit hours total required for degree. This includes 7 Core Education classes and 3 elective courses.
  • 15 semester hours (5 – 3.0 semester hour courses in Curriculum and Instruction) are delivered through Adams State University and 15 semester hours (5 – 3.0 semester hour Science Education courses) are delivered through US Satellite Labs (these include live online sessions throughout each semester along with further online coursework required)
  • Convenient: Start fall, spring, or summer semester
  • Semester based classes (16 weeks each fall or spring, 6 weeks each summer)
  • Flexible schedule to meet your needs. Take as few as 1 or as many classes each semester as best fits your schedule
  • Possibility of transferring in Graduate Credits from other institutions as long as they have been completed within the last 5 years and pending approval to verify Master’s level rigor. Ask about this option when you speak with the Program Manager/Adviser.
  • Affordable – Total degree cost is around $15,000.
  • All courses are registered for through, and earn Adam State University credit towards the Master’s degree.
  • Students also earn a STEM Leadership Certificate from US Satellite Laboratory.
  • High quality, pertinent, effective, meaningful, and engaging instruction.

Cost & Financial Aid

Approximately $15,000 for 30 hours of superior instruction. This includes all tuition and fees but does not include cost for textbooks, which will vary, per course.

Financial Aid is available if you wish to apply, including the Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program, which, for qualified applicants could forgive the entire loan.