Application Process

  • Students are required to demonstrate content area mastery prior to student teaching, either by passing the Praxis II exam in their content area or completing and submitting a Multiple Measures of Content Competency portfolio to the Colorado Department of Education.
  • Content area mastery must be verified by the School of Education no later than the 7th week of the Fall or Spring semester prior to each student teaching semester or students will not be placed for student teaching.
  • Completed student teaching placement packets are due to the School of Education Office the fifth week of the fall or spring semester prior to the student teaching semester. Due date will be posted on the School of Education website.
  • Required materials will be uploaded in the online application.
  • Updated information will be posted on the calendar on this website. If you have questions, call the School of Education Office, 719-587-7776.

Student Teaching Materials

  • Required orientation meeting for all students who are student teaching the following semester. Date will be posted on the School of Education Calendar.
  • All contacts with the K-12 schools are made by the School of Education.
  • Students may not initiate their own placement contacts or arrangements.
  • Violation of these guidelines is grounds for suspension or dismissal from the program.

Field Experience

Information the student will provide here is to assist the Field Placement Office to assign a student teaching placement. It is not a promise of placement.

  • The Field Placement Office makes student teaching placements.
  • Students are to refrain from contact with schools to arrange student teaching.
  • Such contact may delay placement, result in revocation of placement, or result in disciplinary action by the School of Education.

Student placement is based upon

  • Availability of school, mentor teacher and student teaching supervisor
  • Correspondence of placement setting with program requirements for licensure
  • Goal of diverse placements throughout field experience assignments, including student teaching
  • Professional judgment of department faculty and staff.

On Campus Students

Student teachers are placed regularly in the San Luis Valley. Out of valley placement is by approval of the School of Education Office. Adams State Mobile Students: All placements are by approval of the School of Education Office. It is the policy of the School of Education to deny placement in a school where the student teacher has a close friend or relative, including children, or has attended the school. Completion of this form indicates understanding and compliance with stated procedures and policies noted on this website and in the student handbook.

Finger Prints and Background Checks

Students are required to complete a background check through the School of Education Office in order to participate in field experience labs in public schools. Students will not be able to register for classes with labs attached until the background check is complete. All relevant materials are available in MCD 241.

Job Search

Access school district job openings, post your resume, search the Colorado Database.